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   First of all, I want to apologise since this entry will be in English instead of Bahasa since I feel more comfortable to talk to you guys in English. Pardon me. And second, sorry for all those grammar mistake that you will find it later with here and there error. I'm still in learning process. Sorry.

   What are your definition about trust? As for me it is simple. Trust is something valueable that wouldn't even get to replace it with a thousand years. If you can replace it, it wouldn't be the same as it is before.

   What can I say about trust is when you gain a trust from someone, whether it is from your dad, your mom, your grandparents, your partner or or your friend, you have to appreciate it and not to break all those trust. As I said before, trust is something valuable. You cant replace it with anything else.

   My trust been broke with several people with several ways. Yeah, I kindda give it easy with people that I care the most. But what I hate the most with these people breaking my trust is, it's really hurt me inside out. However, because I love them so much, my trust can be gain easily and can be replace one, two, three, and so so so much time.

   And maybe because I'm too soft-hearted, it give them chances to do the same mistake as they did before without knowing that I really hurt that they betrayed my trust. They may think that I would give them second chance, third chance and back and forth. But yeah, that is who I am. I give people lot of chances. Because I think that giving them chances would improve relationship between me and them and I realize that no one is perfect.

   However, some of these people that I love, take things for granted. I couldn't care less. I know this would happen. Maybe in either way it is my fault too.

   As for you, if you are reading this, don't cross the border. I know what's going on. You never want to see the other side of me. I already kept it for a long time. Don't you realize that what you've done hurt me? Don't you realize that you keep repeating the same mistake as you did before? Maybe I was stupid giving you all those high hope, trust and chances. But believe me, it's for your best and also for mine.

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  That is all for now. Take care guys! Appreciate all those trust while you can ey?

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